Ethos publishes its second study on the digital responsibility of Swiss companies

Ethos and its partner EthicsGrade have examined how the largest listed companies in Switzerland manage issues related to digitalisation, be it data protection, the use of artificial intelligence or the environmental and social impact of their digital systems. While progress has been made compared to last year, transparency is still sorely lacking.

Building Bridges 2022: Ethos organises a panel discussion on the shareholders’ impact on the real economy

Divestment or engagement, what is the most effective method for investors concerned about ESG issues to have an impact? The question is still debated. Ethos is organising on October 6 in Geneva, as part of the 2022 edition of the Building Bridges conference, a debate with a panel of specialists around the question of shareholder engagement and its effectiveness for decarbonising not only the investment portfolios but also and especially the real economy.

Ethos and Raiffeisen extend their collaboration in the field of shareholder dialogue

Ethos and Raiffeisen announced today an extension of their collaboration in the field of active ownership. Ethos will now also conduct shareholder dialogue on ESG issues to Swiss and international companies on behalf of Raiffeisen Switzerland. This new collaboration is part of Ethos' commitment to broaden its engagement services to other categories of investors in addition to pension funds and public benefit foundations.

Ethos publishes the 2021 activity reports of its engagement pools

Ethos has published this Tuesday the summary reports of the Swiss and international Ethos Engagement Pools (EEP) for 2021. These reports present the dialogue activities carried out by Ethos with listed companies regarding issues related to the environment, social or governance. Detailed reports are however only available for members of each pools.

Ethos publishes its first study on the digital responsibility of Swiss companies

Carried out with the help of EthicsGrade, a UK-based company specialising in corporate digital responsibility ratings, this study examined the practices of the 48 largest listed companies in Switzerland (SMI Expanded). The results show that companies still lack transparency about their digital practices and that their degree of preparation for issues such as ethics in artificial intelligence are still in their early stages. Ethos and EthicsGrade have already planned to reconduct the study in 2022 and 2023.

Fighting Deforestation: Ethos sets out its expectations towards companies

Ethos has collected international best practices in the fight against deforestation and summarised them in an Engagement Paper published today. On behalf of the 71 members of its international shareholder dialogue programme, Ethos will initially engage 7 multinational companies particularly exposed to deforestation risks to encourage them to implement concrete and measurable measures to stop the destruction of forests.

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